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Mike Bachofner


Mike Bachofner’s fascination with flight began at an early age. As a young child, Mike spent many hours at the beach tirelessly trying to get a Styrofoam glider perfectly coordinated into the wind so it would hover just above the sand. However, that’s where the fascination stalled, for a while.

At the age of 29, Mike took his first ride in a small aircraft with a friend and was hooked. Soon after that first flight he began his flight training at Premier Air Inc. in Iron Station, NC. Mike excelled through his training and became a private pilot on March 17, 2010. A few years past and in April of 2013, he had the opportunity to become co-owner & manager of Premier Air Inc. when the company was expanding the existing flight school and opened an aircraft maintenance facility. Mike enjoys the day to day challenges and experiences running both sides of the company gives, while being able to spend his days surrounded by the passion of flight.

And now new chapter in flying has begun for Mike, having recently received his tail-wheel endorsement in the Piedmont Puddle Jumper’s Aeronca Champ. The next step will be training for his seaplane rating in that very same plane. Mike has said learning to fly a tail-wheel aircraft was like learning how to fly all over again and he is very excited about the adventures ahead that the world of tail-wheel and float flying offers.